• “Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, 
    remains a tried and true means of building 
    an individual's cash flow and wealth.”
    - Robert Kiyosaki, Author Rich Dad Poor Dad

Earn like a landlord, 
without having to be one.

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You can enjoy all the financial and tax benefits of investing in real estate, without having to do a thing. Download our guide to passive investing in apartments!

Why you should be passively investing in apartments.

Simply put, passive real estate investing allows investors to profit from owning real estate, while not committing their time and effort to the active management of that real estate.

Truly PASSIVE investments grow your wealth, net worth and deliver cashflow while you're out there living your life and pursuing your passions.

The goal shouldn't just be about MONEY, it should be about creating FREEDOM and giving you more of the one resource we all cherish most – TIME.

The beauty of investing in real estate syndications is that you get all the financial benefits of owning a property with hundreds of doors, without doing any of the work.

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What passive investors get:

1. Ability to invest in larger-scale assets

Real estate is one of the most stable asset classes and most wealthy people have grown their net worth this way. Single-family rentals and duplexes are great, but having the ability to own hundreds of doors gives your economies of scale that will get you to your goals FASTER.

2. Take advantage of tax benefits

There are very specific tax advantages available to those who invest in these types of assets, specifically bonus depreciation which gives passive investors the opportunity offset the tax obligations on their investment income.

3. Achieve high ROI's passively

As a truly passive investor you literally do nothing while our team of experts execute the business plan, renovate the property and partner with our professional property management team to operate the apartments. You collect cash distributions quarterly throughout the ownership period and receive 1.5-3X returns upon sale of the property.

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6 Reasons Apartments are Better 

than Other Types of Real Estate

Less Vacancy Sensitive

More units means less vacancy sensitivity compared to single family rentals and small complexes.

Economies of Scale

Costs are distributed across a larger number of units and improvements increase the value more quickly.

Tax Advantages

Offset gains through tax advantages for commercial property owners and depreciation of the asset.

Easier Financing

Lenders are more willing to finance apartment complexes and loans are tied to the value of the property, not the person.

Capital Appreciation

Increasing rents and improving the overall operating efficiency of the property increases the value, and your returns.

Building Equity

Cash flow from tenants pays down the mortgage, increasing equity.

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