About Winkel Capital

Winkel Capital is a real estate investment company that enables individual investors to pool their resources to become co-owners of large-scale apartment buildings. We acquire, renovate, and operate buildings in our portfolio with a focus on increasing the value of the property, providing a safe and desirable community for our tenants, and strategically planning for an exit that delivers meaningful returns to our investors. 

Before we invest with or partner with people, we like to really get to know them. We like to know what they're motivated by, what they look for in an investment opportunity, and what kind of people they are. So before we go any further, let us share a little bit about our background, our journey and our business philosophy so you can see if we’re the kind of people you’d like to grow with.

About the Winkels

We’re Duane and Ashley Winkel, the partners and founders of Winkel Capital.  We met and married in Kansas City, MO where we lived for 10 years before moving to Phoenix, Arizona in 2017. We've fallen in love with the southwest and will always call Scottsdale, AZ our home base. We love to travel, adventure, try new restaurants, hike, drive fast cars, go to the theatre and the symphony.

We’re both born-and-raised Midwesterners – to which we attribute our work ethic and love of the Kansas City Chiefs. Duane is from a town near the Ozarks in Missouri, and Ashley is from Wichita, KS. 

Growing up, we both knew we wanted more than a small-town, midwestern life, so we’ve always been the type of people to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us and push ourselves outside our comfort zones.

More about Duane

Duane’s background is in live event production, where he lead the technical production of concerts for the likes of Dave Matthews Band, U2 and the Goo Goo Dolls. While the life of rock concerts and tours was fun, Duane quickly found that he missed being around for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. So he started looking for a career that enabled him to double both his income and his time at home.  That’s when he transitioned to software development and IT. After leading a team of over 40 developers managing a billion-dollar eCommerce platform on behalf of a Fortune 500 company, he quit his full time job to start his own technology company - BAMF Technology - and partner with Ashley. He is passionate about systems, processes and using data to inform strategies.

More about Ashley

Ashley has spent the last 20 years of her career working in marketing, helping clients to define their brand, build their ecosystems and develop strategies to help them achieve their business goals. Having worked for large advertising agencies on national and international multi-million dollar brands, meeting with Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and marketing leaders in the travel and tourism, multifamily, private aviation and consumer-packaged goods industries she has a vast understanding of how to leverage marketing to grow a company. She recently quit her full time job to start Ashley Winkel Marketing so that she could serve clients more intimately and coach business owners to be more confident leveraging marketing to bring their dreams to reality.

What motivates us?

Freedom to work from anywhere on our own terms

While we’re both deeply passionate about what we do, we are burned out living for someone else’s dream. We don’t subscribe to the mentality that working for corporate America is the only way. Thanks to our mentors and peers in the investment space, we’ve seen first-hand that it’s possible to build wealth completely passively through syndications.

Ability to generate income passively to pay for our lifestyle

Robert Kiyosaki rocked our worlds with his book The Cashflow Quadrant when he revealed the tax benefits of earning money on passive investments. We are believers that true wealth is financial freedom and we’re motivated to passively invest in large-scale real estate deals and pay for our lifestyle using the cashflow from those deals. We want our money to multiply for us so that we can maximize our most valuable resource – time.

Having our money invested in tangible assets that we control

Like many, we believed the lie that if we worked long enough for someone else and invested into our 401k that we would be “set” for retirement. But in reality, we were never satisfied with the results that we saw in those investments.  Stocks were so volatile and subject to market forces that we couldn’t control. We love the contrast of investing in an apartment buildings, where you can physically visit the property and the value is determined by how well the business is operated.